Then the world reveals itself a place of wonder.

All its pleasures become equal, and you would never dream

of placing beer above ice cream below sex: taste, sight,

love, and pain: all colors in you, and you

an image in a collage that creates the universe:


A crystal landscape erupts in your mind

and the clouds form shapes like brains as if God

says here is your boundless intellect, use it to forgive,

and you do, easy as sitting, filled with so much love

it seems silly to keep away from anyone.


Grateful, the only word you can conjure and for hours

it repeats in your mind like raindrops pelt a pond:

each plunk and plop reverberate through you, these thank

yous. For the sky you’ve seen since eyes

opened outside. For the dirt that held feet’s first steps.

You are lucky for it all, and only knowing it now,