Looking from above

Outside in

A scene set


Frozen snow-covered lake

Boats pulled to shore

Static air bites fiercely


Trail on the ice

An array of footprints

Fifty meters from the frosted beach


Broken ice reveals

Crystal blue waters

A hole one foot across


Gathered around in an oblong shape

Grandma’s ceramic jars open

Leak the precious ash inside


“She’s in her favorite place”

An ocean would have been better

But she loved this winter lake


Congregate upon the shore

To share stories

To laugh, to cry


Unsupervised kids play

In temporary ice caves

Made from forgotten picnic tables


Unmanaged adults drink

Pabst Blue Ribbon

From an old cooler


I taste my first beer

Chasing the horrible taste

With a grape soda


Return to the phony caverns

To find sister and cousins

Just wanting to play


The setting sun paints the sky

In deep reds and purples

A painting just for her


The cold seizes the minds

A sobering effect

As we all say our goodbyes