I never knew true friendship until I met you,

Kindred spirits so rare to come by in the lonesome west,

An equal in every way, in every interest, I never thought I’d meet,

Shared beliefs, shared passions, shared wit and a mutual ambition

To always find the humor in the cruelty and to do anything for a laugh,

An unshakeable bond I had not felt since childhood’s end.


We were loners by nature, yet we stuck together,

Each inspired by the other and craving companionship,

Summers spent biking in the woods and skiing on the lake,

Winters spent by the fire talking about everything and nothing,

Always striving for amusement and mischief and succeeding in our quest,

Your house, the first place I’ve called home since I left my own.


The road trip with you to see our favorite band,

And how we lost ourselves at the concert in the crowd,

While that Sheffield sound was pulsing in our veins,

A moment of ecstasy in the haze of mundane adult life,

That kept us ensnared long after the stars faded and the stage cleared,

We were bodies electric, fluorescent adolescents once again.


You taught me how to live, and I taught you how to dream.

Now, the winds of change begin to push us apart,

I am bound for Ireland, and you, Nova Scotia,

But I have no worries—you are my brother.

We are friends, we are family, and our bond transcends time and distance.