Reflections on Mykonos

When you broke me, did you ever believe

The pieces could be carried so far away,

Borne eastward, far beyond my home in Appalachia,

To the glistening azure folds of the Aegean?


Seven evenings spent at a café in Mikri Venetia,

Listening to the caress of the waves,

Watching sunsets and the people as I sip my wine and write,

Wanting with every breath to stop time,

And linger on this island for eternity.


Your specter haunts me

Like the remnants of a half-forgotten dream,

The scent of the spiced wine brings me back

To evenings spent with you, entangled in the sheets,

The firelight, the bouzouki chords and the dancing

Conjure memories of our rhythmic bodies, your fiery touch.


Each night I wage war against you

When I retreat to my lonely room overlooking the sea,

I gave too much of myself to you, to us,

All that remains is an infernal wound that heals too slowly

As I travel through a land built on millennia of myth and tragedy.


I know now that our love is like these crumbling stones of antiquity:

Nothing lasts forever.