By Victoria Smithson

Once my revenge is exacted, she’ll be sorry.

She’ll regret all those times she made me go hungry for whole minutes.

Dues will be paid for every time my escape plan has been foiled.

Oh she’s going to get it good.

Not only will I make tons of noise with the empty grocery bags,

I’ll dig through them for no reason; that will surely drive her mad.

She’ll rue the day that she let the elusive red dot disappear right as I had it in my grasp.

And how dare she put my drinking liquid too close to my sustenance bowl!

Doesn’t she know that the enemy will poison it!

Pray tell me, how am I supposed to make sure I don’t die of thirst

If you keep closing the lid on my porcelain watering hole?

It’s like she’s asking for it!

Well, she’ll see.

I’ll lure her in with an adorable flop.

She’ll think I’m asking for a belly rub, then


She’ll regret it.

Right after I take a quick nap.