The Dreamer and His Dream

Do you know what ‘tis, to dream a dream,

To travel through a realm agleam

With gardens full of light and dark?

Do I know you? Do you have the spark?


Dreamers are such fragile kings,

From our minds creation sings,

Stronger together but spread apart,

As rare as Artemis’ golden hart.


Dreamers, like sunlit petals unfurled

Craft their dreams to remake the world.

But they are preyed upon and made to bleed,

Their power craved by fools of greed.


I am a dreamer by day and night,

Awakened only by each new sight.

Others sought to tear me down,

I did not yield my autumn crown.


I was proven more than a worthless husk,

Judged by the jaguar’s stare at dusk.

My mind was cleansed in the rains of Eire,

My hungry heart grew full with fire.


So full of passion, so full of love

For every ocean and the stars above.

What dreams may come, what dreams have flown,

I no longer wish to dream alone.


I need a love to match the wanderlust,

A companion in whom my dreams to trust.

Some lucky twist in the celestial blue

Brought me on my path to you.


You understand the growth of things,

Your nature smooths my angry wings.

Your smile blankets the world in light,

And sets my dreams to burning bright.


Will friendship and more between us grow,

Or will connection fade like early snow?

My dreamer’s heart is lost at sea,

Haunting me with what dreams may be.


Are you one to hold my heart,

And embrace the journey we could start?

Tell me now and tell me true:

Are you not a dreamer too?