You Cold Soul

“A reflective and rather abstract poem that happens to follow no particular metered or grammatical theme.”

By Adrianna Standiford


You are a cold soul, you.

You’re selfish and judgmental,

ignorant and ill mannered.

Forever a pessimist,

you see nothing.

You feel sorry for no one.

Compassionless, closed and melancholy you’ll stay,

now and forevermore.

You flaunt your assets,

of which you have none.

Yet you only look for pity,

from those who are not.

I will never feel sorry for you,

apart just this once.

Now, only because you haven’t and never truly will,

be able to live.

You lack the rawness of all feeling,

and warmth.

You may wish to think your skin fair but your eyes are empty,

unmoving, unchanging, coldly myopic.

Even yet, you stand where only I can see you,

behind the silver shine of a glass mirror.

You are indeed a cold soul, you.

You and I both.