95H3A8770Jared Probert is the current President of Twisted Ink. Working through his senior year as an English Major, Jared hopes not only to graduate but also to live in something classier than half a trailer.

20160417_145836Wyatt Sarrazin is the current Vice President of Twisted Ink. When not working on his Art Major, he is constantly restraining himself from burning the entire campus to the ground as the voices command.senete pic 2Dennara Gaub is the current Secretary/Treasurer of Twisted Ink. When not working on her Biology Major, she can be found contemplating her relationship with gravity or measuring pine cones in the wilderness. Don’t ask her why.14046039_1201976139834376_8490151221243434237_n   Nate Eury is the current Chief of Morale of     Twisted Ink. When not working on his Modern    History Major, this snarky Irish ragamuffin is    busy falling down stairwells and traveling the    Emerald Isle’s southwest. He loves cats.







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