Curse of the Wanderer

Trees are strong and firm creatures.

Fed by streams of water, they have stabilizing roots and they flourish.

I am not a tree.

I will be like chaff in the wind, cursed with the inability to settle.

Fate had dealt me no home, no place to run for belonging.

I must find my own way to flourish.

Therefore, I will run and find strength in the journey.

I will find belonging in strange places and new people.

The blessings of the trees may haunt me, but

I will touch the corners of the earth.

I may not have stabilizing roots, but

I will find the triumph of climbing mountains, feel the life of cities.

My heart will beat as I explore.

My soul will be filled as I find the courage to keep moving.

Doomed to wander the earth in search of everything and nothing.

Until one day I find the serenity of the trees.