Ghost of Society

Chapter 1

I saw them standing at a distance while they stared at me. At first, they laughed, often throwing insults and vulgar statements at my general direction but after awhile, they stayed clear of me. By they, I mean the peers that I once called friends. This was a group of ignorant, reputation-based people and quite frankly, I was apart of them. You see, I was disowned from this group because I was different. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to play sports or be part of their stupid little gimmicks but instead I was what they would call insane. Before I get into more detail about the events to follow after my current state, I must explain to you how this came to be.

It was my sophomore year in high school when I started to see a ghost. The first thing I did when this odd event happened in my life was to tell my friends. These friends were indeed a bunch of drunken idiots. At first, they laughed and told it was all in my head. I believed them. Then as time progressed, I started to see the apparition more frequently. My friends then thought this was a prank to scare the others or maybe some kind of mockery towards the gothic and the shady kids below us. But after awhile of this so-called prank, to what they said it was, I was labeled as childish. To wrap up my brief summary of things, I was kicked out of my higher status of friends and was labeled under the same social status as the shady kids, you know the kids that held rough lives and were just a tad bit off. Reputation was everything to me while I was in high school. My parents thought that I was going through a phase of paranoia. They took me to the hospital several times and after many visits, I got put on this medication. I don’t even know the name of the drug for the name was too long to remember. I soon stopped and kept the sightings of the ghost to myself. But enough with the backstory on how things came to be. You’re probably wondering about the ghost. The ghost didn’t appear out of nowhere. It didn’t come out of some form of portal or a random gaping hole. In my view, the sight powered by my eyes, appeared normal. I would find this ghost sitting next to a building or a sign. I didn’t think much of it. Since things are on track, I might as well begin my story.

Chapter 2

I was sitting at my lunch table eating a turkey and cheese sandwich I made for my sack lunch at home. Next to me was Elise, a girl most people would consider gothic due to the heavy amount of black she wore to school every day. On the opposite end of the picnic table was Peter, a kid who had family issues and was gloomy; gloomy to an extent that it just looked like he was an emotionless soul sitting in an empty vessel. I sat with these people because I had nowhere else to go. I was an outcast to the jocks, a disgrace to the middle class kids and widely hated by the religious people who sat in groups talking about loving all people. What a load of crap. If that were true, they would’ve accepted me into their group as one of their own. Anyways, to get back to my current situation and as stated before, I was eating lunch with a group of shady characters I soon called friends. Suddenly out of the blue, Elise asked me about the ghost I’ve been seeing. I don’t know why but she had always been asking me questions about it since I joined the group. It was like she had some kind of sick fetish for the supernatural. I sighed deeply and continued to eat my sandwich. She then asked again the same question but only this time she had a higher tone of voice.

“So what is this ghost like?” Elise asked smiling at me and piercing my eyes with that hauntly stare.

“Why do you wish to know?” I said vaguely.

“Because I’m interested on how you can see ghosts. It’s like you’re some kind of ghost whisperer.” I shake my head.

“Just because I can see one ghost doesn’t mean I can speak to them.”

“That may be true but you must have some connection to it. You’d think after awhile, you’d see some kind of pattern.” Elise was right. How could I have missed such an important sign? There has to be a connection to the sudden appearance of the apparition and especially the fact that the ghost only appeared in front of big corporations, abandoned buildings and signs advertised from the big corporations.

“You’re right Elise. How could I have been so distracted with my current state of affairs that I missed a point as simple as this?” Elise’s eyes lit up and her cheeks began to flood with color.

“You think I’m right?” Elise asked with an excited tone.

“That is what I’m saying.”  She exploded with joy and clang to me like a nail to a magnet. Her body was cold… like chilling cold. My neck and spine shivered.

“I’m so glad you believe me!” Then she gave me a peck on the cheek and skipped off. Oh no! The strange, gothic chick kissed me. Great. I see ghosts and now I get affections from the chick always dressed in black. What more can go wrong? Out of the corner of my eye, I see Peter glaring at me. I get another shiver down my spine. His eyes are terrifying! Just the glare alone is enough to make even the most religious person go insane. I get up from the table and leave the room. Peter’s eyes follow me until I am nowhere in his perpetual vision.

It is late afternoon on a Friday. School is already out and I’m wandering the streets once more searching out my ghost friend. Like always, he is sitting in front of a sign with flyers and articles scattered throughout the board. I take one of the articles off the board and read it to myself.

“Vote Jack Mentiroso for Idaho senator. Please give donations to us so we can do more to help once he is elected.” What a load of crap. Who thinks that giving more money to a guy will help with the situation at hand? He’s already got enough money in the state treasury to give each person in North America ten dollars.”

I sit down because my feet are tired of walking. I inhale through my nose then I exhale through my mouth. A voice suddenly appears in my ears. “Now you see.”

I jumped off the wooden street bench. “What the hell was that?!”

“Do you understand why I am here?” I shift my body to the right. Then to the left.

“Who the hell is speaking?!” The ghost then walks out from behind the tree that stood next to the street bench.

“It is I, the thing you seek most,” the ghost says in a formal tone.

“The ghost finally speaks after two months of self-humiliation. Who are you and why have you waited so long to speak to me?”

“So many questions at once. You are indeed a curious one. Why I have spoken, you may ask? I will tell you under one condition. You must figure out who I am.”

“Oh great. You’re such a big help,” I say with a stretched voicing on the word big. “At least give me hint.”

“The ones who know me but do not act are nebulous in their minds. But to the ones who seek me and wish to know who I am, will know my name.”

“Yay riddles. You’re starting to sound like a scene from Lord of the Rings.”

“In time, you’ll know who I am. The real question still remains. Even after you know who I am, what will you do?” Then the ghost vanishes in thin air. Off to the side, a group of three teenagers that go to my school stare at me blankly. One of the girls whispers in the other’s ear.

“It’s the crazy, ghost guy that goes to our school. Hurry before he notices us.”

The whisper was intentionally louder than a normal one for I could hear it perfectly clear. It didn’t hurt my feelings at all. I went home, did whatever homework I had and headed to bed.

The next morning I slept in ’till around eleven. I went outside to feel the nice, cool November breeze. There across the street in a group of bushes was Elise. She sat in the bushes with a pair of binoculars aimed towards my house. Around this time, she noticed that I was shirtless. I quickly realized that as well and rushed inside the house to go get a shirt. Elise then left the bushes and walked across the street.

“Hey, Drew. Are you still around?” she asked while I was peeking out the front window. I realized thought it was foolish to wait because this was the type of girl who would wait until someone came out that door. Well, that someone being me, sadly.

“I’m here,” I said while sighing deeply.

“I know you were talking to the ghost.” My face turned white like the color of the ground of a fresh snowfall. I slowly turned my head until my eyes met hers perfectly.

“How did you know that I was having a conversation with my ghost?” I asked horrifically.

“Well I knew you’d be up to something when I gave you the idea that there would be a pattern. So I waited when you left school and followed you. You were too focused on finding your friend that you didn’t even notice me lurking behind you.”

“Why do you have to say lurking? That’s too creepy. And why were you watching me from across the street with a pair of binoculars?”

“Binoculars? What are you talking about?” while she tried to tuck the binoculars into her shirt.

“I can clearly see them in your hands. No matter. But seriously, why were you watching   me?”

Elise created a wide grin and stroked my cheek with her chilling hand. “You’ll find out later.” Just the words alone made me blush. This wasn’t because of her looks. It was because the way she said it like she was going to kidnap me or something like that. Although, the more I notice her appearance, the more I started to see her outer beauty.

“Anyways, what do you want to know about my ghostly encounter?”

She giggles at my intended pun. “We can talk more about it at my place. I have a bunch of books on the supernatural. Don’t worry. I won’t try anything… foolish.”

“Can’t we bring Peter along as well?”

“Sure, if it makes you feel any better. But beware of his cold stare.”

“I noticed.”

We arrive at Elise’s house. My first thought I had of her house was that it was going to be dark and mysterious kind of like the type of buildings one would see on investigation and horror films. But apparently, that was not the case. Her house was on the outskirts of town next to one of the local supermarkets the town had. It was three stories, one in the ground and two above. Inside, it appeared well-groomed for the contents of the house were neatly organized. Upstairs was her room. The walls were blue and everything was organized. Even her large collection of books were organized. It was by alphabetical order. First by genre, then by author. Following that was the chronological order of books under that author. I turned my back to take a glance at Peter. He still looked gloomy as always.

“I know you thought I was some kind of shady ass girl but the truth is I chose to be that way. You see, my favorite color is in fact blue. Preferably ocean blue. I chose to clothe myself in black to keep away people who want to be my friend.”

“Why wouldn’t you want to have more friends?”

“Because they only want to be my friend for my financial status. Well, my parents’ financial status. See, my parents are filthy rich and they put in a large amount of money into my bank account, both savings and checking. This is for when they are gone on business trips, usually overseas, for long spans of time. However, my friends’ status wasn’t as bad as yours. Before you began to hang out with Peter and I, you’ve been with the same group of people since seventh grade. Overtime, I realized you weren’t with them because you liked each other, in was because that you wanted to feel accepted. This lead to you personally humiliating yourself. That’s why they hung around you and when you started to see your ghost friend, they left you because you were different. They tried to control you by making you the butt end of their jokes.

“You’re really getting inspirational here. Why the sudden interest in my past?”

“Like I said, you’ll find out. Now let’s get back on the subject of the supernatural. Were there any key points to the conversation?”

I thought long and hard about yesterday. “I can’t remember the overall gist of it but he said some kind of riddle. It was a riddle that made not much sense. He said it was to figure out his name.”

Elise grabbed a book of the shelf and scanned it. Then she set the book down and picked up another book. This kept going for about another five books. “I only found one section, a small one, on the supernatural contacting humans through riddles. Can you tell me the riddle?”

“Those who know me but do not act, they are nebulous in their minds. But for those who don’t know me but wish to act, they will come to know my name. It’s something like that.”

“I can’t help you there. The section only say things on death threats.”

“Well thanks for helping me anyways.” I look at Peter. “Peter, if you’re in there somewhere, I’m sorry that I got you into this mess.” Peter stills looks grim as ever. Elise hugs me again and kisses me on the forehead then on the chin.

“What’s with you and kissing me?” I finally say after getting frustrated with her clingy affection.

“You’ll see.” I sighed deeply once more and said my goodbyes. On my walk home from a very weird afternoon, something from the riddle sparks the answer to the ghost’s name. I burst the answer out loud. “I know his name!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the same girl from the night of my conversation with the ghost but only this time she was alone. She glances at me with a confused look on her face. I shuffle away from the scene.

Chapter 3

It was Sunday afternoon and the senator election for the state of Idaho was being held in the town square. I was old enough to vote for one of two senators running for office. There was a podium in the middle of the town square where a speaker would host the winner of the election. I was actually quite stoked for the election myself. Then I started thinking about the name of the ghost. The riddle made sense and I had to act. Thus I still had the donation flyer folded up in my coat pocket. I had to act. I had to tell these people the true intentions of candidate Jack Monteroso. I mumbled under my breath.

“What can it hurt?” I said with a overwhelming jolt of confidence. There you have it. I made up my mind. I rushed up to the podium and tested the microphone.

“Ahem, ahem. Anyone who has seen this flyer,” I held my copy of the flyer up, “Please stand in the center from where I am positioned.” A large group of people crowded around the podium eager on what I, a senior in high school, had to say.

“Before you vote for Jack, please do note where the donations that you are offering him are going.” One guy raised his hand in the middle of the audience.

“They are going to the fund for benefitting his campaign.” Several heads nodded in approval in the crowd.

“You are wrong, sir. They aren’t going to we, the people’s benefits, they are going into his party’s pockets.

Another person from the crowd lifts their voice. “What proof do you have of this?”

“At first, I thought as all of you did. ‘Oh this guy has a sincere heart’. Then I realized, there is a lot of money that goes into the state treasury house each year. So the question that remained was why does Jack need more money for us after he is elected into office? Think of it, each month, the state received an enormous amount of money from taxes. I followed several of his campaign helpers around and found that all of them visit the bars nightly as well as a few dealers and prostitutes. Now you’re wondering about the money. They use it to buy drugs.” Jack walks up to the podium and removes the microphone from my hands.

“This boy is clearly crazy. My fellow co-workers and I would never use your donation money to buy drugs. I am here to represent the people of this state not to snort coke and waste my life away. Plus aren’t you the crazy kid that sees ghost. Honestly people, who would you believe? An honest man or a ghost whisperer?”

The crowd simultaneously points at Jack. “You don’t believe me. Have a look,” I shoved my right arm down his shirt and pull out a bag of cocaine and pills. Then I pull out his wallet and threw down a wad of one hundred dollar bills. “Now do you believe me?”

The crowd starts to come closer to him. Jack, with his face hotter than a ghost pepper, punches me in the face. I drop. He gets on top of me and starts throwing fist after fist into my face while cursing. The police get on top of him and wrestle to get his wrists in cuffs. They finally manage to arrest him. Peter rushes to me and drags me off to the side.

“Are you okay?” Peter asks me. I immediately forget about all the pain and open my eyes in shock.

“You can speak?!” I say with surprised tone. He doesn’t respond. Of course he doesn’t respond. Elise runs to me and drags me away from Peter. She looks pissed. For once in my life, I can say that I would rather be next to Peter.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Elise says while she slaps me in the face. It stung like crazy. Not to mention my face was already swollen from Jack’s fists.

“Why are you slapping me?”

She slaps me again in the face but this time harder. “Because you deserve it and-” she raises her and up once more. I tighten my muscles for the impact. “That was really brave of you.” She hugs me tightly and then she presses her lips up against mine. This time she felt warm. My eyes rolled back into my head. It was oddly satisfying. This day is even weirder than the last. Creepy Peter talks and the rich, gothic chick kisses me. I tried to move away from her face now but she kept a good grip on me. The kiss must’ve lasted a minute. She looked up at my face, which was redder than a raspberry.

“I told you. You’ll see.” She giggled and then went back to hugging me. I saw my mother approaching me. She was smiling, which only meant that she was angry. It’s weird how that works.

“Drew. It’s time to go home. We have some things to discuss.” I said my goodbyes to Elise and Peter as usual.

When I got home, my mother slammed the front door and told me to sit down at the kitchen table. She took a seat as well and shakes her head in disapproval.

“What the fuck were you thinking?!” she said in a haughty attitude.

“I was speaking the truth to everyone. They had to figure out sometime before the election was over.”

“They would’ve figured out anyways.”

“Not with that big corporation they were working for behind their backs.”

“And who gave you that information, hmm?”

“The Truth.”

“Don’t tell me that ghost is still there. I shouldn’t have taken you off the meds!”

“The ghost has a name. His name is the Truth.

“The Truth, you say? How come I can’t see the Truth then? Explain that.”

“You want to know why you can’t see him, mother? It’s because you’re too afraid to believe in him! I’ve read the private letters that you’ve kept hidden in your dresser drawer. You’re paying Calvin Skinner, the boss of the big corporation, to keep us in this house. So what are you hiding, Mom? What is so important that you have tell lies and secrets?

My mother sighs in deeply. There is a long moment of silence. A few minutes pass by. “Son. It’s time I told you the truth. That ghost that you claim to keep seeing is just a figure of your imagination. It’s just your mind telling you something.”

“The truth, I assume?”

“Yes Drew. You are correct.”

“Then why did it pop up out of nowhere my sophomore year?”

“Because you started to unveil the truth about my secret and the big corporation. You saw articles of the big corporation doing miraculous things. But for you…you saw through that. Well, it wasn’t right off the bat. You knew that something wasn’t adding up. That’s around the same time your ghost friend began to appear. You depicted an image inside your mind that saw the truth as an apparition, a figure that kept springing up at sights that seemed irrelevant at the time.”

“Mom, are you telling me that you knew about this the whole time?”

“Yes, Drew. Those random buildings and signs you kept spouting about were the buildings that held the coke labs. The big corporation is all behind this. I found this out your freshman year. I confronted Calvin about it but he said if I ever exploited his base of operations to anyone, he would end your life and bulldoze this house. We can’t do anything about it. Calvin would’ve bribed the state’s government in the process. Thus he doesn’t lose any revenue especially to his employees. So in order to keep us safe, I obeyed him. I didn’t tell you because I knew you would act.”

“You lied to me! You knew the truth all along but did nothing about it. Now the riddle does make more sense. Those who know me but do not act are nebulous in their minds. You knew the truth but you were too caught up in fear! It was fear that you would lose me, you would lose the house. I guarantee that this Calvin guy has many more individuals and families under his spell. Think about them, you’ve already lost more people. Don’t you get it, mother? The truth is the ghost of society. It is what the big corporations fear the most. Do you think that most of the ‘big’ corporations out there care about us? The hell they do! They care about the green in their pockets.”

“Drew, even if we were to successfully pull this off by discovering Calvin’s real intentions to the public, we wouldn’t make a dent in the current state of affairs. The big corporations are like a tree and Calvin’s part is only a small branch of the real deal.”

“Empires and monopolies are made up of men and men, quite frankly, don’t live forever. I would rather die trying to free us, trying to free others than die a puppet who did nothing at all.” I walked hastily to the front door and open it. My mother grabs my arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To exploit the truth.” I free my arm from my mother’s tight grip and slam the door in her face.

Chapter 4

It is about ten in the afternoon when I left my house. My blood is coursing with anger. I kept thinking to myself about my mother. How could she have lied to me? I understand that she was only trying to protect me, but from what? Something that I already knew? I do admit it was wrong to look at my mother’s private stuff, by private meaning papers and documents she didn’t wanted me to see, but it was so easy to get my hands on them. But then again, my mother wasn’t all great at keeping things hidden. Since it was dark out and the majority of the businesses were closed, I was going to go to Elise’s house to see if I could spend the night over there. I was most certainly sure that I could stay. After all, she was obsessed with me. Thus her parents wouldn’t mind because one, they’re out of town and two, if she was listening in on my arguments with my mother, which is the more likely the case, she would drag me back with her. All of a sudden, she pops out from behind a tree. I scream in terror.


She lets out a large roar of laughter. “Ha-ha! You scaredy cat.”

“Were you following me the whole time?” I asked. She replied.

“I think you already know the answer to the question. Yes. Well, I listened in on the conversation to the point where you told your mother how the ghost’s name is Truth and questioned her about the papers. Then I left because I didn’t want to interfere with family matters. Some things, especially with family, are meant to be a secret to one another.”

“Let me guess, you followed me all the way until this point?”

“Not really. I was at this tree for about ten minutes. I got tired of walking. Then I noticed there was figure following right behind at a distance.”

“A figure?” I pressed my lips together and curled it into a slight grin. “Don’t tell me it was Peter?!”

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t Peter. I know he’s a bit off but not enough to go stalking people.”

“Well that’s good. I’m glad I ran into you.”

“More like got scared by me.” She chuckles. “Here, you can tell why but first, please cuddle with me under the leaves of the oak tree.”

I sighed and sat down. “I wanted to see if I could stay at your place for the night. I was going to confront the big guy but by this time, the corporate building would have been closed.” Elise lets out a big smile and then hugs me even tighter. I admit, it felt nice. But then her eyes widened and she pushed me away.

“Why?!” she screamed at me. “Why do you want to confront him?”

“I have to. It’s for the greater good. Someone has to stop that evil son of a bitch!”

“But you’ll get hurt in the process!”

“If that’s what it takes to foil his plans then so be it. Why are you so concerned for me? I got myself into this mess.”

Elise started to cry. She hugged me and pushed her face into my chest.  “Because I’m sure you’ll die!”

My face got white but only this time I could picture my life flash before me. She was probably right. There was in fact a high probability that I would surely be killed. But I made a commitment. I can’t cower out of this. Even if men don’t live forever, there will be another man to take his throne. This will keep going on until someone puffs up his or her chest and takes action. Elise opened her mouth to speak again.

“I know it’s been a short time you, Peter and I but for the first time in a long time, I’m willing to let another person into my life. To see you disappear so quickly, that would crush me. Believe it or not, Peter would be devastated as well. Peter and I had conversation after you left my place.




Drew shut the door to my bedroom. Peter sighed heavily. “You know if he discovers the truth that this ghost, or whatever he is seeing, he will most likely die.”

“I know, Peter. But Drew is stronger than that. Yes, he will probably die trying to foil the big guy’s plans. Even with a bad ratio ten to one, he has courage. He has a chance of stopping this madness.”

“I don’t know, Elise. The police do realize what’s going on with the big guy but they’ll do jack crap to stop it. They’re bathing in the wealth of Calvin. You know the true nature of man. We love money. Most men want something in return.”

“I know.” Peter looks me in the eyes with a single tear rolling down his face.

“But aren’t you scared of losing him? I know you have a strong affection for him.” I look at him, crying at his words. Peter puts his arms around me and cradles me tightly. “I want to tell you something. I didn’t think Drew would ever find his true self. I most certainly didn’t think he was going to join us. I could tell in his little posse of friends, or so he called them, that he was hurting. He was looking for something to fill that void and ever since his ghost friend appeared, he was shining not on the outside but on the inside. This is his calling. He’s with us. He’s with people that truly care about him and he can relate back.”

“How so?”

“Elise, I’m surprised that you of all people, the one person that’s been lusting over him since grade school, hasn’t figured this out. He’s with people that have been hurt by others. You push people out of the friend zone and they laugh at you. I’ve been hurt so many times by Drew’s group of false idols that I didn’t start to care no more. That’s why I look gloom to him. But for some reason, even with his drunken friends, he didn’t dare to join in on their teasing. I could see the sadness in his eyes. He may have said that those are his true friends but on the inside his heart ached, his eyes were the ones of loneliness.”

I didn’t know that Peter, the serious one that seemed to show no emotion, could see the same in Drew. It was strange for him. I’m even more freaked out that he saw my dreaminess for him. I guess Peter is right. I would be devastated if Drew were to leave us.

“I guess so but even with that, Drew has a strong passion to help others despite the point that his life is at stake.”

“I guess I can’t convince you to leave him alone.” I wipe my tears away with one of the blankets I had on my bed.


[Back to Present]


I was stunned that both Elise and Peter wanted was best for me. Maybe Peter was right. Me joining their group was the peak of their lives. It brought a sort of liveliness to them. It brought a warm feeling to them but as Elise had stated during her conversation with Peter, I want to help others. We got up, Elise still hugging me. Then I fell a slight bit of pain and I was out. [3rd person] Elise saw Drew hit the ground hard. Over him, was Calvin Skinner, the big guy of the corporation, holding a baseball bat with the tip of it bloodied.

“Nooo!” Elise screamed as she ran towards Drew’s body. Calvin swung the bat at her knees causing her to fall down. She screamed in pain and held her legs tightly. He chuckles.

“Stay down you ugly bitch!”

“Why are you doing this? He didn’t do no harm.”

“Oh he did some damage to me and my company. You see, little girl, Jack was my best employee. He hurt my business by cutting into it when he exposed the drugs. Your friend there was wrong on one thing. We didn’t buy drugs, we sold them. Now our business is sinking in the ground because the Feds are on our tail. They exposed our dirty little secret to the public and we’re losing money fast. Now with a probable life sentence to my name, I must put fear back into the people. I must show the people and the Feds that I, Calvin, is not a force to be reckoned with. I will make your friend feel pain.”

“No, don’t. Take me instead,” Elise said as she got down on her knees and begged. Calvin let out a terrifying laugh.

“You’re not my issue. Thus you’re too worthless to kill. Ha-ha!” He punched her in her face. She was out cold.


Chapter 5


Drew woke up tied to a chair and surrounded by half a dozen armed men. Past those men, he could see that he was in the town square. Surrounding Calvin’s armed men was the state capital military police with riot shields up and rifles aimed towards them. The military police’s captain stepped out of the crowd of police. He had a megaphone.

“Calvin, release the boy and put down your guns. We will shorten your life sentence.”

“You think that I believe your load of bullshit? My company is dead, my money is depleted and my drugs are confiscated. I’m already dead. This boy,” he hit Drew over the head with his pistol, “Is the reason why I am here. I must show you what happens when you mess with me.”

“Don’t do it, Calvin. We will turn this over to the Supreme Court.” Calvin starts to chuckle insanely. He then shot Drew point blank in the head.

“Fire!” The police opened fire at Calvin and his men. At the end of the gunfight, several police were injured and Calvin and his men were dead.

Elise woke up in the hospital. She had a linen band around her head. She remembered that Drew had been kidnapped by Calvin. She got up but kept falling a bunch of times. Peter was in the room at the time and stopped her.

“Peter? Where’s Drew? I have to know where he is.” Peter sat her down in one of the visitor chairs that sat next to the hospital bed.

“He’s gone, Elise.”

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Elise said in a confused tone of voice.

Peter started crying and mumbles a few words. “He’s… He’s…”

“He’s what, Peter?”


Elise pushes him away in astonishment. “I, I don’t believe you. You’re lying. You’re just trying to play me for a fool.”

“Look at the news.” Elise flips on the television. “It’s already on the news channel.”

The female broadcaster explains the scene. “This afternoon around four o’clock, Boss of Skinner Inc. shot and killed eighteen year old male, Drew Clemons, in the Boise town square. This action lead to Calvin and six of his clients’ deaths.” Elise back away. She is in too much shock to cry.  Elise lays back down on the hospital bed, her face motionless. Her parents came to see their daughter after what the nurse said over the phone. Luckily, they were on their way home from a long business trip. Elise’s parents had her released from the hospital and assured the doctors that she would be okay with her. Elise’s mother led her to her bed that night so she could get some rest. In the morning, they found that she hung herself from one of the ceiling beams. Peter overheard this from a group of students that were sitting at a lunch table. For no reason at all, Peter didn’t feel sadness. It was almost like he knew this would happen.

The next year, Peter graduated from high school. He opened a studio that was funded by Elise’s parents and aired radio talks. It was called The Ghost of Society. His first show got over a million listeners. The first radio show itself wasn’t even that long.

[Peter’s first radio talk]

I saw him standing at a distance bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. This man, who saw our government and acted on their belligerence, died to open up the eyes of the common rubble. We, as the common rubble, were pinned down under an empire built from the traits of hell itself. We saw the truth but didn’t act on it. Why, you may ask? It’s quite simple. Fear. You see, this man saw a ghost. His name was Truth. Many saw the truth but didn’t act on it because of fear. We fear the very existence of it because we don’t want to get hurt. We don’t want to see change. But this man, despite our ridicule and mockery, kept trudging on. He knew the consequences of going against the grain of man’s evil deed.

It’s not that we the people don’t know the truth, it’s the fact that we don’t want to accept or act on it in that case. We clearly recognize the problems that are in front of us but do nothing about it. Most men fear the truth because we don’t want to endeavor the same pain and agony as the Man. We don’t want to be struck down with threats and mockery. We like our reputation. We like our current state even if it’s an ungodly mess. People, we must stand up to the ones who use evil. We must stand up for the truth no matter how ugly or how obvious it may be. So my question here today is: Will you risk everything to see the truth prosper or will you lay back and let the evil consume you?