The cylindrical metal rod heats in preparation

to collect the translucent molten crystal

from the insufferable furnace

a goblet commences


Ensnare the breath of life in

an immovable unfinished globe

rolled to create the perfect shape

growing colder, solidifying


Return to the glory hole for heat

constant spin, the centrifugal force

keeps the glass balloon intact

barrel doors open to transparent red


Sunburned arms swell as sweated muscles tense

the intricate assignment of form begins to take shape

metal tools and covered hands roll and mold to design

bonded to a newly heated bar, the punty


plunged once again into a pool of heat

the fashioned stem and bottom rim unite

congeal into a solitary structure

ready for the kiln


Kevlar protected hands and chest

carry the fragile sculpture to its temporary home

a fortified lid releases built up fire

the face shield cannot protect form the overbearing heat


Morning cools the modern contraption

to reveal the hidden treasure inside

a pile of exploded glass

contradictory to a chalice