Snapped Back to Reality

“I wrote this about growing up and how people get more realistic with every year of their life that passes.”

By McCall Hasquet

As you grow up, reality sets in

No mystical man behind North Pole gates

No monster hiding under the bed


A bully won’t punch you in the face

Professional athlete isn’t your fate

As you grow up, reality sets in


That boy you met isn’t the one

Neither are your next 50 dates

Feeling alive is only there when you sin


You major in a degree you aren’t interested in

Your parents weren’t actually soul mates

As you grow up the reality sets in


You lose all faith, have no religion

You live off a piggy bank

Comfort can be a half gallon of Pendleton


You take a deep breath, you’ll be okay

Because once you’ve grown up and reality has set in

There’s a glimpse of hope something better awaits

Bad News

“I wrote this about a situation I was once in. I’m a notorious keeper of diaries, so to write this I just looked at some of my past entries and got easy inspiration to write about how I felt about this boy and the overall situation.”

By McCall Hasquet

He’s bad news for you. He said so himself. You told him how you felt and that was all he said. He doesn’t love you, this is nothing serious. Those words constantly run through your mind. You had your way out but you didn’t take it. You didn’t want to take it. Now here you are, nothing’s changed. His bed has become more familiar than your own. His invites are always late but you always wake up and go. You know this is going to end with your broken heart. This whole scenario is a time bomb. You don’t care, you can’t resist. It’s his smart-ass personality and his subtle smile. He’s worse than a bad habit, he’s an addiction. You’re addicted to the way he treats you like shit. You love it and you don’t know why you love it. You hate that you love it and you hate that you love him. You knew you should have walked away. Now you’re in too deep. Yeah he’s bad news for you, but the thing is, you’re not looking for any good.