I Saw Your Demise

By Samantha Blaine Stewart

There was a bright flash of light, then the world went dark. The darkness spread across the land, shrouding everything in shadow and fear. Civilization attempted to run, to escape the flood of black that swallowed every inch of the surface. All civilization was destroyed by the wave of darkness, leaving no one left behind. Buildings toppled, canyons collapsed within themselves, roads cracked and sidewalks eroded. The inky black force demolished everything in its path, erasing all the signs of life, making the land as barren at the day it was first created.

Ah, the creation of the world. Now that was true beauty. The shaping of the land and the giant pools of water. Carving out parts of the land, picking them up and placing them upside down somewhere else. I had never had so much fun before. I had a sketch to begin with, of course, but having one mass of land to put mountains and valleys on got very boring. Breaking the land and moving each piece apart by way of water seemed like a very good solution to that dilemma. I had wanted variety back then. I wished for certain places to be hot and for some to be freezing cold. I wanted dry places and places so wet that it may feel like you drowned on land. There were so many things that I had planned, and many of those I accomplished. I made mountain ranges high enough to touch the wisps of clouds and oceans so deep that no one would ever find the bottom. I carved out valleys and canyons that would become treasured many millennia later. One of my more entertaining accomplishments had to have been the placement of all of the trees.

Oh my, the trees. Funny story actually; the the many different species of tree that populate the world were completely trial and error. Looking at the pine trees dying in the rainforest and the palm trees withering in the mountains was heartbreaking, but very educational. Boy did I have egg on my face when I finally figured out where all the trees went. It felt like that was something I should have known how to do. It’s not like they give you an instruction manual for that type of thing. Well, for any of those types of things. It was lots of trying and failing for me. With the animals, plants, and terrain, everything was completely guess work.

I will admit, because of that fact, I had some pretty huge screw ups, one being the platypus. I knew that having a mammal that laid eggs was wrong, going against every rule I had set for myself up to that point, but it was just too cute to get rid of. Of all of my mistakes, the platypus was not my biggest blunder. The cactus seemed like a good idea when I made it, but it slowly became obvious that it served no purpose, unlike all of the other plants, so I considered destroying it. Fortunately for the non-sentient organism, it eventually housed a few species, forcing me not to rid the planet of the prickly plant. There a few other creatures, mostly fish, that do not have a discovered purpose yet. I know what they are there for, of course, but I would not want to spoil it for you. They live deep within the ocean, where no man can reach them. I’m still not entirely sure why I made the oceans so deep in the first place. Back then, I may have been find of the mystery that the dark depths could hold. Even these were not as much of a mistake as other creations.

My biggest mistake, to date, can be summed up in one word: man. For al of you excited feminists out there, reading my story in the distant future, I am not simply talking about human males. All of the humans on the planet were the worst mistake I ever made. Don’t get me wrong, at first, I loved you all. I loved you so much that I had given you everything that I possibly could. I gave you life and sustenance. I even gave you companionship. For a long time after I made you, everything was going just fine. You were making amazing advancements, going further than I had ever anticipated. You all created marvels and fantastic creations that may have rivaled my own, had most of them not been so mindless.

Some of your creations really tickled my fancy though. The Pyramids and The Great Wall being two of my favorites. I watched you create these marvels, brick by brick, sweat dripping from your tanned brows while dark red blood seeped through cracks in your overworked hands. As I watched, I watched in pure awe of you. When I observed you building these beautiful structures, I was once against reminded of the reason that I created you all in the first place. After I crated the canyons, mountains, trees and animals, I was out of ideas. Deep down, I knew that there had to be more; things I could not think of on my own. That’s where you came in.

Making you, I was very particular about your level of intelligence for a few different reasons. I needed you to be intelligent enough to think for yourselves, enough to be able to advance yourselves and create as much majesty as the world was capable of. You could not be so intelligent that you ceased to see my word as law. That balance was not easy to achieve. When I finally got it right, though, that was one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen.

Watching you, my precious little children, walking, talking, interacting and creating was one of my proudest moments. I cared for each and every one of you just like you care for your own children. I was sure to include those feelings. I wanted your children, your children’s children, to understand and feel a love as powerful and profound as the love I feel for all of you. Like all parents, my children made me laugh, smile and cry more than I ever had. Like every other parent… I was also doomed to be disappointed in you. In all of you.

All of this destruction, all of the devastation and death, is your doing, I do not think I could be more appalled. You took your lives and you wasted them. You flourished in your will and your wit, but in following the path you chose, you ruined everything. All of you worked together to not only destroy yourselves, but everything beautiful in this world that I gifted to you.

Time after time, I gave you warnings, telling you that change had to come. I willingly sacrificed the few in hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, and earthquakes for the benefit of the many. And it was all for naught in the end. No matter how many warnings I sent you all, you continued on your path of utter destruction. Once I realized I could not deter you from your horrid ways, my next hope was that it would be over quickly. I hoped beyond all things that you would put an end to all that I had created swiftly, merely because I did not think I could stand to witness a slow demise of all products of my love and devotion. Again, you would not fail in disappointing me like you failed in everything else.

The day I first noticed the product of your lives on my beautiful planet, I was very confused. My creation had almost looked exactly the same, day after day, since the day I crafted it. The fateful day that I began to realize the mistake I had made, my realization hot me because my beautiful sphere of light and life had changed. It was not exactly a big change in any way, but like the attentive parent I pride myself in being, I noticed the change. A yellow-green film of… filth covered my once blue and white beauty. This filth, what you all termed “pollution” was a result of your dirty, rotten, trash-filled way of life. You created materials and found resources that poisoned the air and tainted the waters. Looking back to my realization… I would have preferred that you had just stopped there. I could have handled you merely making the water and air dirty, but the destruction you caused after that was… so much worse.

You fought amongst yourselves. You raped, pillaged, and killed one another while I could do nothing but watch. Year after year, I watched on as you waged war amongst one another because of your differences. I made some of you look different than others because I wanted a variety of beautiful creature upon my planet. Even though you were not all the same, I made you all perfectly. Yet, because of this, you began to despise one another. You turned on each other like rabid dogs because you couldn’t see that you are all the same.

Some of your more sinister creations cane out of this time of hate and destruction. Guns, rockets, tanks and bombs were your answer to the problem you concocted in your own mind. Shootings, mass murder, suicide bombing was how you fought against diversity.

One invention, above all, created more destruction than all the others. The atom bomb. To this day I still can not figure out why the small few of you, or any of you, thought this was a wise choice. You created a weapon of mass destruction, and for what? So you could eliminate your brothers and sisters. So you could gain power over those who should have been your equals. Watching you create it, I knew I could not stop you. I simply had to sit back and let you make this horror, hoping that you would come to your senses and stop. I hoped you would see how dangerous it was to tamper with life and death in this way and cease walking this destructive path. Once again… I would sit and be disappointed.

You made the bomb, and for years I had to sit and worry about the moment that it would be used. You still fought each other, but your weapon laid dormant. The more it sat, the more your civilizations worried about it. The more they all worried, I could see them becoming more agitated about the idea of certain organizations having the most destructive weapon ever. Because of that, more people started creating them as well. Seemingly overnight, every organization and country had created and was in possession of a bomb. Before the third war of the world began, I knew that it would be the most destructive.

I didn’t, however, predict that it would be the end of my beautiful creations. The fighting started, as per usual with you humans, but everything escalated so quickly. The fire fight was no longer enough to satisfy the blood lust that you had obtained over your years of change and growth. You stopped invading the territories that you assigned to yourselves and others and stayed in your place. At first, I had just thought, with a sense of relief, that you had grown tired of fighting with one anther and had stopped the war. I was once again mistaken.

The bombs were deployed without thought or remorse. You had deemed other lives less valuable than others and decided, without guilt, to end them. All of you wanted the others to die so you could triumph. That, in the end, was your final mistake. Every nation that had possession of a bomb sent it out. Explosion after explosion decimated civilizations and countries. By the time the last bomb dropped, every other area had been destroyed, and with that final contact with the ground, it was all over.

There was a bright flash of light, then the world went dark. The darkness spread across the land, shrouding everything in shadow and fear. The last of civilization attempted to run, to escape the flood of black that swallowed every inch of the surface. At this point all civilization was destroyed by the wave of darkness, leaving no one left behind. Buildings toppled, canyons collapsed within themselves, roads cracked and sidewalks eroded. The inky black force demolished everything in its path, erasing all the signs of life, making the land as barren at the day it was first created.

I should have known that this would happen. I should not have given you the intelligence to create such a weapon. I should not have given you the capability to feel, to hate. I should have stopped you back when your destructive path began. I should have saved you from your own wrong-doing.

I saw your demise, and it was my fault.