FALL MEETING NOTES (Next meeting: After Spring Break)

Now that the Fall version of the online journal is up, we’re about to head over to Seattle for the Comic-Con! When we come back after Spring Break, we’ll start working on the Print Journal, so be prepared!

Here are a few other announcements:

1. Twisted Ink in Print

This coming Spring, we hope to get our print version of the journal out earlier than last year. On one hand, that means the Spring edition of the online journal will have a deadline fast approaching (March 17). However, that gives us time to get the journal out during the school year.

2. Comic-Con in Seattle

Tickets and hotels are bought and booked! We are planned and ready for March 2-6.

4. Ten-Minute Plays

Unfortunately, we have had to push the plays into next year in order to schedule a time that doesn’t obstruct the Drama dept. However, this gives Twisted Ink and Drama to make a show for incoming freshmen next year.

5. Membership

To count as a voting member, Twisted-Inkers need to attend three different meetings/events and submit at least two pieces to the online literary journal. These are the current standards for being a club member: however, we may extend the two pieces to Graphic Novels, Plays, etc. submitted for Twisted Ink.

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